Hello there,

My name is Éva (Ava) and I used to write a blog, for a good few years. Then I had less time and blogging was not a priority. Perhaps listening to myself was not a priority either!

Now with COVID-19, working from home, social distancing and all, I do not only have the time but feel the need to listen to myself. I have someone who helps me on this journey, Shaun. Shaun is the one who kicks me in the @$$ when I judge myself, when I make things complicated for myself and he is the one who reminds me to turn to myself with compassion and loving-kindness.

It inspired me to see what changes it brings in my life if I love myself, if I let myself “be” – accept it and embrace it for who I am. I’m excited to experience my life with my heart and not (only) with my mind.

I once asked Shaun to challenge me. He did. If I had known what he pulls me into, I’d have possibly refrained from asking this but I was none the wiser. I seek intellectual challenges but that’s not what he did. He challenged me emotionally. 

I was never taught how to feel. I was not brought up to be able to process my emotions and I was discouraged to show them. Throughout my life I noticed that expressing my emotions often caused frustration and confusion in others. Little did they know I only revealed myself to those I valued greatly.

The confusion and dismissal caused me to hide even more in my shell until I couldn’t handle it anymore and I had to act. With disastrous results, let me tell you.

What Shaun showed me is that it is possible for anyone to live a life of emotions. Hey, one can even enjoy it!

I realised just how much I lived my life by simply taking what was coming instead of choosing what to take in, what to reject and what to process.

Intentional living. 

I thought I was living intentionally. I set goals. I worked towards and reached goals. I had achievements. Except, all was in my mind, rational and logical. I complicated my own life.

It’s time to go emotional, creative and intuitive. It’s time to go simple and intentional. Because

 ‘Life is personal. Life is very personal.‘ 


(photo: Yong Kim on top of the world)


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