Hi , my name is Éva, an introvert, a depression survivor, an aspiring minimalist, simplicist and intentionalist on her way to a practical yet personal life.
It was around 2012-2013 when I was introduced to minimalism, in theory. For one reason or another, practical implementation didn’t follow until 2019 so you can say I’m still a newbie. The past years I also heard a lot about simple living. I’m not there and there is still so much to learn but I want to show you, it is possible. It is possible to take control of your life, your feelings and actions. It is possible to live a life in harmony. It is possible to learn when to swim and when to simply float. Would love to you join me! xxx

Do you often feel you are overwhelmed? Even at home?

Do you feel cleaning and tidying up is a never-ending task?

Do you find yourself longing for something different?

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Is this really it? Is this all?’

Are you clueless about what you want with your life? Or perhaps you are full of ideas but unable to choose…?

If you nodded reading the questions, have a look around the below collection of articles.

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