Ready Or Not, Here I Come!

Early 2020 I started to be pro-active in an area of my life where I had always been passive and, as a result, unsuccessful. I couldn’t have done it, had it not be for the therapy I was undergoing due to my depression, which took a turn for the worse and made my life miserable.  Thanks to the rather intense therapy, clouds have been lifted and I felt it was time to deal with my (non-existent) love life.

I spent time and money to learn, to face old habits, recognise unhealthy patterns and the process opened up new dimensions that I could have never imagined!

photo by author

I realised that even though I’ve always had goals set, I lived without intention, proper boundaries and went with the flow in so many areas in my life. Somehow it didn’t occur to me that I am the curator of my own life, entirely,  and I have the last word when it comes to what I let enter into my head/home/heart.

Despite how deliberate I was in certain aspects, I wasn’t thorough regarding my whole life. I had no overall vision. I had yearly goals in certain areas, I had general wishes in others and there were proper black holes I didn’t even notice.

Armoured with this newly gained knowledge, I feel confident that whatever life throws at me in the next years, I will be able get through and even have fun in the meantime!

Here’s to a new life which is simple, slow(er)-paced and where I am behind the wheel! As I say, ‘if you don’t like where it’s going, get off the path’.

If you feel it’s time for leaving your old ways and try something new, come along!

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