You Can Do It! How to Be Successful After Losing Your Job?

Whether it’s the first time or the second, third, etc. losing your job is never easy.

Whether you were on probation period or worked for the company for years, it’s a blow in your gut.

Whether you liked the job or not, you feel it’s unfair and you didn’t deserve it.

The news is always shocking and in most cases it’s a surprise. You didn’t expect it. Or you may have expected it but didn’t think it will be you. (Let me tell you, no one ever thinks it will be them. Ever.)

Because why you?! Continue reading “You Can Do It! How to Be Successful After Losing Your Job?”

📩 mini-motivational monday #1

I’ve recently read a few thoughts about plans vs. mission in the current situation. Although the post is in Hungarian, its message is relevant so let me share the gist of it  as a sort of encouragement.

The post talked about how so many now feel there is no sense in planning in these unprecedented times because everything is so uncertain and subject to change in the last minute. However, the author pointed out that having a mission/vision is something that can keep us on track even in uncertainty. It is possible to take even small steps daily that brings us closer to our vision, steps that are aligned with our mission. Your plans may change, you may discard some of them and overwrite others but they will still be calibrated by your vision.

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What is your mission? Do you do anything regularly to make your vision real?

My Very First Post

Sure, I couldn’t have come up with a more original and unique headline for my first post… 😉

This blog has been in the making for a few years now but mostly was abandoned. I was looking for my voice and thoughts that are worth sharing.

As I’m typing this, 7:01 on a Saturday morning of 15, August in the year of the pandemic, homeoffice, digital education, that is 2020, I’m facing a new and unexpected period in my life. It’s filled with uncertainty and decision making, important choices and potentially life-altering actions. (more details later)

Earlier this year I’ve started to be pro-active in an area of my life where I had always been passive and, as a result, unsuccessful. Continue reading “My Very First Post”